About Us

Westwind School of Aeronautics is located at Deer Valley Airport which is an ideal location for flight training in the Southwestern United States.

ORDER001_0008Westwind Aviation was founded in 1985 by Ronald J. and Marcia A. Haarer to provide general aviation service to the public at Phoenix Deer Valley Municipal Airport.

In 1999 the Haarer family built Westwind School of Aeronautics current facility which includes more than 10,000 square feet of classrooms, briefing space, and administration offices.

The location of Westwind School of Aeronautics is ideal with  Deer Valley  Airport being tower controlled and radar equipped. The airport has several published instrument approaches, features two parallel runways, and is operational 24 hours a day. In addition, more than a dozen other airports are available for student training flights within 35 miles.

The diverse nature of the terrain found in the Southwestern United States enables students to experience a wide variety of flight conditions including coastal flying, mountain flying, instrument meteorological conditions, and high density altitude, while the volume of local air traffic and superb year-round weather make the Phoenix valley an excellent location for flight training.