Employment opportunities at Westwind School of Aeronautics, a professional flight training academy located in the Southwestern United States in Phoenix AZ.

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Flight Instructors

WSA is always looking for qualified full-time CFIs and CFI-Is. Qualified applicants earn $52,000 to $72,800 per year, depending on experience. Westwind will also sponsor your advanced ratings (CFI-I and MEI).

Senior CFIs with CFI, CFI-I, MEI, and experience training initial CFI applicants can earn $83,200 to $93,600 per year.

To apply, send an e-mail with your resume attached to cfiemployment(at)westwindaviation(dot)com.

Please include all flight schools you attended to obtain your certificates and/or ratings on your resume.

*yearly pay rates are based on billing 40 hours per week. Actual billing will vary.