Aircraft Rentals

Westwind School of Aeronautics offers aircraft rental services out of Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

Arizona is a great place to fly as the weather is usually cooperative and the landscape is amazing. Please see below for the type and pricing of our aircraft available for rental.

Hourly Rates
Cessna 172 N/PStandard Cockpit $109
Cessna 172 R Glass Cockpit G-1000$139
Cessna 172 SPStandard Cockpit$139
Cessna 172 SPGlass Cockpit G-1000$144
Piper Arrow***Standard CockpitN/A
Piper Seminole***Standard CockpitN/A
Flight Instructor$64

Our aircraft rental rates are “wet” or include fuel. However, due to high fuel prices, rentals my be subject to a fuel surcharge. Aircraft rental is subject to availability.

Westwind requires a standard checkout to ensure the safety of both you and your passengers. These standards help to ensure that you will feel comfortable and confident with the equipment and the environment in which you fly.

To schedule your aircraft checkout, please call Westwind School of Aeronautics’ Dispatch Desk at 623-869-6973 . Please try to schedule at least 3-5 days in advance to ensure flight instructor and aircraft availability. Checkouts can be scheduled with shorter notice if the aircraft and instructor are available.

Once you have your aircraft checkout scheduled, please take a look at our Rental Policies and Procedures and our Aircraft Written Test. These are the documents that you will need to fill out and bring with you to your meeting with the instructor.

Westwind School of Aeronautics requires that all renters have a third class medical or higher. We are not currently accepting basic med qualifications for renters at this time.

Any aircraft rentals between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday will be subject to a minimum charge of 50% of the scheduled time, or the actual time used, whichever is greater.

*** Piper Arrow, Piper Seminole, and Simulators are not available for rental to the public.  These aircraft/resources are only available for dual flight training within a Westwind flight training course.