Career Flight Programs

Flight training programs designed to make you a professional in the aviation industry.

SI ExifWestwind School of Aeronautics is proud to bring you the best professional flight training options available. We have listened to industry professionals and created a comprehensive flight syllabus that includes everything an aspiring pilot needs to stand out above the competition. We hold ourselves to the highest degree of professionalism with formal ground briefings, airline oriented flight training, a comprehensive flight syllabus, and by offering the most advanced training in cutting edge glass cockpit aircraft and simulators.

We offer three distinct flight training programs, our Commercial Pilot Direct Track 1, Commercial Pilot Direct Track 2 and Flight Instructor Direct Track.

Our Commercial Pilot Direct Track 1 and Commercial Pilot Direct Track 2 are designed to have the students complete their Private Pilot training through their Commercial Pilot Certificate without the flight instructor certificates. These are the preferred programs for our International Students.

Our Flight Instructor Direct Track program is designed to have the student complete their Private Pilot training though their Certified Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor ratings. This will allow the student to apply for a flight instructor job to build their flight time towards the minimum requirements required to apply for an airline pilot position. This is our preferred program for our US Students.  We require the following documents for enrollment for US Students-

  • Signed copy of Westwind’s Application for Professional Students
  • $505 application fee
  • Copy of valid Medical Certificate
  • Copy of valid Student Pilot Certificate
  • Current bank statement showing proof of funds
  • Copy of valid passport or ID & Birth Certificate
  • Signed copy of Westwind Enrollment Agreement & Catalog