Professional Flight Training Programs

Westwind School of Aeronautics is proud to bring you the best professional flight training options available. We have listened to industry professionals and created a comprehensive FAA approved part 141 flight syllabus that includes everything an aspiring pilot needs to stand out from the competition. We hold ourselves to the highest degree of professionalism with formal ground briefings, airline-oriented flight training, a comprehensive flight syllabus, and by offering the most advanced training in cutting-edge glass cockpit aircraft and simulators. We offer two distinct flight training programs listed below.


Commercial Pilot Direct Track | Our CPDT program is designed to have the students complete private pilot through commercial single engine / multi-engine ratings. This opens up the student’s possibilities for more jobs allowing them to fly either Multi Engine or Single Engine aircraft for hire. The time frame for the Commercial Pilot Direct Track is approximately eleven months.



Flight Instructor Direct Track | Our FIDT program is designed to have the student complete their Private Pilot through their Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument rating. This will allow the student to apply for a flight instructor job to build their flight time towards the minimum requirements required to apply for an airline position. The time frame for the Flight Instructor Direct Track is approximately sixteen months.



Other Flight Programs

 Westwind also offers Private Pilot training, as well as Customized flight training. To learn more, click the preferred button below to view details on a seperate page.



If you wish to know more about the Admission Requirements, please follow the link in the Admission Requirements button below or contact Westwind School of Aeronautics to discover which program is the perfect fit for you.