Certified Flight Instructor

Westwind School of Aeronautics is always accepting applications and hiring motivated flight instructors at every level of their pilot journey. We are currently looking for CFI's in each of our structured CFI tiered path levels starting at CFI level 1, and continuing onto level 2, level 3, and level 4! See our tiered structure down below followed by why Westwind is the place for you!

Level differentiations and requirements:

CFI 1 - CFI Only - $25.00 hr / up to $52,000.00 Yr. - Options for paid CFII and/or MEI rating (Conditions apply).

CFI 2 - CFI / CFII - $30.00 hr / up to $62,400.00 Yr. - Options for paid MEI rating (Conditions apply).

CFI 3 - CFI / CFII / MEI / - $30.00 hr for the first 200 hours dual given at Westwind - $35.00 hr after 200 hours dual given at Westwind / up to $72,800.00 Yr.

CFI 4 - CFI / CFII / MEI / 2 years as an instructor - $40.00 hr / up to $83,200.00 Yr. Plus completion bonuses where available.

Why Westwind School of Aeronautics?

Arizona Weather - At Westwind, located in Phoenix Arizona, you can fly as much as you wish with our beautiful weather 350 days a year!

Culture - Westwind is a great place to work. We care about our mission, all of our team members, the work environment, and top-notch aviation. We believe work can and should be an incredible experience, not something to painfully endure.

Compensation - From pay to benefits we take care of you. We look for motivated pilots who are passionate about aviation and believe those men and women should be taken care of. We take pride in how we treat and compensate passionate individuals who are looking to further our mission and be apart of training a generation of elite pilots. Westwind CFI's are paid hourly for all flight, simulator, ground training and pre/post flight briefings.

CFI Levels 1, 2, and 3 are considered variable hour employees and can to bill up to 40 hours per week or more. Benefits include Health insurance (for those that qualify) and up to 40 hours PTO(paid time off) per year.

CFI Level 4 - Experienced flight instructors with current flight instruction experience holding CFI/CFII/MEI and at least a 2-year instructor with experience training initial CFI candidates. CFI level 4 candidates plan to stay in the aviation instruction field long-term. This is considered a full-time position with full benefits, health insurance, paid time off, dental, and 401K.

Flexibility - Whether you are looking to fly non-stop to build your hours and further your career or to simplify your life and fly at your own pace we let you choose. At Westwind, we put that choice into your hands with variable-hour employment so that we can meet your needs as well and adjust training accordingly! Instructors and students have control of their schedules so they can remain as efficient as possible in meeting their scheduling requirements.

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Westwind Dispatchers are the first contact with our students, customers, and clients, representing the face of Westwind in most inquiries. Dispatchers provide timely and accurate documentation of all current flight records and transfers, as well as inform and direct pilots in a professional manner that ensures the utmost safety and success at all times. Through Westwind’s dispatch operating system, dispatchers are required to check students pilots in and out promptly as well as calculate and bill pilots for flight time, instruction, and any equipment or resources purchased. Qualified dispatchers with an up to date driver’s license and a clean driving record may also be required to drive students to and from their nearby living quarters. Westwind dispatchers are expected to provide professional and excellent service to everyone who comes in contact with Westwind.

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Office Staff

Westwind School of Aeronautics has a variety of administrative positions throughout the company. From student services and admissions down to the accounting and Human Resources departments. If you are passionate about our mission, aviation, and education and would like to know more about available positions or opportunities, please click the Administrative button below to contact us. Share with us a little more about yourself, your goals, and your resume, and we will ensure we reach back out to you with our needs and goals.

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