1.1.1 G

Dispatch Procedures

Weight and Balance and Aircraft Performance Calculations

Weather Procurement and Analysis - Intro

Required Aircraft Inspections and Maintenance

Aircraft Components

Westwind SOP

1.1.2 G

Aircraft Checklists

Aircraft Pre-Flight Inspection

Required Pilot Documents

Required Aircraft Documents

1.1.3 DL

Safe Ramp Operations

Aircraft Seating Height

Aircraft Starting


ATC Communications

Practice Area Familiarization and Communications

Basic Aircraft Control

Trimming Exercises

1.1.4 G

Basic Aerodynaics

Power-On Stalls

Power-Off Stalls

Slow Flight

1.1.5 DL

Slow Flight and Stalls

1.1.6 G

Effects of Wind

Determining Wind Direction

Turns Around a Point


Rectangular Course

Minimum Safe Altitudes

1.1.7 DL

Ground Reference Maneuvers

1.1.8 DL

Ground Reference Maneuvers

Slow Flight and Stalls