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Checkride Prep


Lesson Plans


The downloadable word documents below are still in a rough draft format.  They are to be reviewed and edited specifically to meet the instructor’s needs for teaching.  If there are any errors or modifications that you believe are necessary, please contact the chief flight instructor.

FOI Acronyms 1 - Download | FOI Acronyms 2 - Download

FOI Acronyms 3 - Download | Task A: Aeromedical Factors – link to download |

Task B: Runway Incursion Avoidance – link to download | 

Task C: Visual Scanning and Collision Avoidance – link to download |

Task D: Principles of Flight – link to download | 

Task E: Airplane Flight Controls – link to download |

Task F: Airplane Weight and Balance – link to download Tasks G-M are still in progress


Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) Knowledge Test Requirements

Requirements for Taking an Airman Knowledge Test 





If you have any feedback regarding lesson plans, forms, links, the website or anything else please let us know so that we may provide a better resources page for you!

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